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cheater hem tutorial

I made another pair of shorts from a holey pair of jeans and while I was at it, I snapped pictures and put together a quick tutorial on how to do the cheater ribbon hem. You'll find it at flickr.

all sewn

good problems to have

As I hitched up my pants again, I thought that the fact that all my pants are getting too big is a good thing, right? And that made me start thinking of good problems to have.

Like pants that are too big because you are being successful at losing weight (I've lost 29 pounds!).

Having to preserve food because your garden is so productive.

Having to clean my house because I have a wonderful family who lives in it (and makes it dirty!).

Yesterday Meredith posted about having too much produce from her CSA share. Also a good problem, I think.

Do you have any good problems?

Mother Nature's Fury

We had a heck of a thunderstorm roll through this weekend. It came with hail over 1/2" in diameter and buckets of rain and lots of wind, as well. It made us decide that we'll pay someone to put gutters up on the addition before we pay anyone else to do anything else.

strawberries on ice
aw hail!

handful of hail scooped from behind the house  read more »

new post

I finished a post that I started quite a while ago so it filed with it's starting's here.

The one where there aren't any pictures

I started this entry on May 7th but got distracted by a phone call, saved the draft, and forgot about it. Tonight as Frugaldad kept me company in the kitchen as I finished up the dishes, he suggested that I blog about the merits of cast iron pans since I was scrubbing one. So since I often cook ground beef in my cast iron pan, I'll finish up my previous thoughts and move on to cast iron.  read more »

poor neglected blog

My poor neglected blog! It competes with my children and my kitchen and my sewing machine and usually comes in last place.

Today I made 32 pints of blackberry jam. Seven batches in a row! It took a really long time and wiped me out for the rest of the day. I tasted some and it's fabulous! Last summer I picked all those blackberries and stuck them in the freezer and this week they were evicted to make room for the beef that came home from the butcher. We slaughtered the cattle that were living on the pasture a couple weeks ago. (I left the camera inside on purpose that day...)

In the morning the carpet installers come and install carpet in the upstairs of the addition! We can't wait!

sleep deprivation does some crazy stuff

and also creates incomplete blog entries! I totally forgot to show off my cute handiwork from yesterday in my last post. I don't post my kids' names online, so you'll have to use your imagination (don't post them in the comments if you know their names or I'll won't approve your comment :-p) but I made these cute monogram shirts for a couple of the kids. First, for the baby because he is in desperate need of summer clothes and undershirts. And last night I realized that I needed gifts for the girl who turns six tomorrow, so I pulled out the cutting mat and fabric and a ready-to-wear dyeable blank that I had on hand at 10:30 pm and whipped out a gift for her.  read more »

sew busy

My girlfriends and I are playing a sewing stash game where we are trying to use up fabric without buying any. While I am pretty sure Jess is leaving everyone in the dust, I'm making an attempt to get some things sewn. My first order of business was to make it through my pile of mending, some of which had been sitting on my sewing table for a couple of years. Here's some jeans that had holes in the knees, turned into shorts. I used a wide ribbon to make a cheater hem; I stole the idea from Jessica at Balancing Everything. It is easy and cute and the girl wearing them is as pleased as punch.  read more »


There's pictures of my pretty new bamboo floor at the renovation blog. It is the Golden Arowana Bamboo flooring that you can read about here but we bought it at Costco. It is about $2 per square foot and is just about the least expensive flooring you can put down that's worth a darn. It is even cheaper than carpet. You can buy transition pieces for thresholds and stair nosings from the manufacturer. We think we're going to love it.

eta: fixed the broken link, sorry.

so sweet...

...are the giggles of a little girl when you help her find a doll that she was sure was lost forever and she needed to play her game.