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the other half of the story

(pretend that it hasn't been almost a month since I told the first half of this story)

So when we left our brave skunk-fighters, we had two plans. One was to try and poison the skunk with smoke bombs, the kind that you can also put down gopher holes. We thought we could block both ends of the pipe with a feed sack full of dirt and slip the smoke bomb in and let it do its work. But since I am such a fraidey-cat, I was afraid of getting skunked when I blocked both ends of the pipe.

Our other plan was to try and dispatch the skunk with a .22 rifle.

Frugalboy, who at the ripe age of ten has already proven himself to be an excellent marksman with a .22 when plinking at soda cans up in the mountains with Frugaldad, was recruited to be our sniper.  read more »

our friend skunky

seeing the skunk at the end of the tunnel

A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the blackberry patch to pick berries. There was a stand of long grass in my path so I stood on it to bend it down and clear the way. Every time I stepped on the grass, I heard a funny noise in the currently unused irrigation pipe close by. The funny thing was, I wasn't hitting the pipe every time I pushed down on the grass, but the noise coincided with the grass hitting the ground. The noise sounded like a frog jumping up and down, echoing a little in the 30 foot piece of plastic pipe. I kicked the pipe a little, trying to see if I could hear anything else. Nothing. I had the phone with me, so I called Frugaldad and told him about it, and he mentioned that he thought he'd heard a noise out there the day or so before.  read more »

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you this breaking news...

I know I still need to tell the rest of that skunk story. It was getting late and my brain was pretty fried. But I have to tell another one!  read more »

Filling The Hollow Tree

I updated the Hollow Tree in my sidebar...I decided after 36 pints of beans, plus what I still have from last year, I was finished. So I pulled the plants up and put them in the compost pile! I also harvested all my carrots and onions. This is the year I will clean up my garden before the winter comes. Cross my heart.


so it is really hard to get back into blogging once you have taken a long break. My 3 older kids are back in school so my days have calmed down a little. Promise I'll post more soon! I have a good skunk story to share!

on vacation

as you might have guessed, we've been on vacation! We're heading home in the morning. Look for a full report of our week of fun!

the dog days of summer

Well, it probably isn't hot enough to consider these the dog days of summer, but we're almost halfway through summer vacation! Things are so busy that I go a couple days between online sessions (sorry if I haven't read your blog lately or posted on Facebook....I just haven't been online! If it's that important, call me on the phone!)

I have declared 2009 "The Year of the Raspberry" since we've already picked gallons and made jam and frozen crushed berries for jam. Don't let the color fool you, but those yellow raspberries might be the best things on the planet. We were excited to have enough for jam. Usually we just eat them all but this year the bushes are very generous.  read more »

giving the ponytail holders a break

Yesterday I chopped off my hair. Well, not me personally. Erin at the salon did the actual chopping. I have never had hair this short before. But I am happy with the results, and need to spend some quality time learning how to style it quickly.

Then I tried to get a good picture of the haircut and got all of these instead.

haircut mosaic

Good Granola Made Simpler

Granola is one of those things at the store that costs much more than I am willing to pay. It is usually chock full of fat and sugar, as well, and is more like a dessert than a breakfast cereal. The naturally frugal solution is to make your own at home. Oatmeal, after all, is super cheap when you buy it in bulk. My problem with most granola recipes, though, is that they also call for exotic, expensive ingredients, and require baking for a long time at a low temperature and need to be stirred every five minutes. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but opening my oven every five minutes for an hour is not my idea of fun.  read more »


Though we rarely see them,
We know when they've been here.
The unripe fruit goes missing;
They're very hungry deer.