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A Question

I have unsuccessfully tried to find online instructions on how to tailor suit pants, specifically, taking in the waist. Before I just dive in with my seam ripper and sewing machine, this is my last-ditch effort. Surely someone out there must know how to do this at home without going to a tailor? We got a screamin' deal on a suit a while back and Frugaldad wants the pants in a little. I am sure I can do this, but instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Two weeks!

My view

I'm sure you're all just dying for an update about my ankle, aren't you? Today marks two weeks since my fall.

I went to the orthopedic doctor on the 18th and he gave me an orthopedic boot instead of a cast. I get to wear it for a long time. How long, I am not currently sure, but I go back in two more weeks for an update.

If I were crazy, I'd have elective surgery and get a plate and some screws and be back on the football field in 4 weeks! But wait, I don't play football, and elective surgery isn't something I'd elect to have.

I can walk around very slowly without crutches. I get tired very easily but find I have a little more energy every day. I am getting tired of the same three pairs of pants. Last night I made dinner for the first time since the injury. As much as I appreciated all the food brought in, it just isn't the same as the stuff you're used to.

Let the games begin!

My knitting friends (who also happen to be my cloth diapering friends, too) and I are about to start a game. It's called the Stash Game, and to win you need to earn the most points by knitting from your stash of yarn. Points are earned for finishing unfinished objects (UFOs), using up complete skeins, giving away knitted items, starting and finishing projects, etc. Points are lost for starting a project but not finishing, but mostly for buying new yarn. The point of the game is basically to use up as much yarn as you can without buying any new skeins.

Since I broke my ankle, I've been cranking out finished objects (FOs) like a madwoman. It started with Frugaldad's socks.
Finished socks!
I started these socks way back in September (after buying the yarn in March) and 8 inches of ribbing just about did me in. When I finally finished the first sock, it was too big, so I did the second sock differently and then ripped the first one back and reknit it. Those socks were almost the end of me!

Right before I broke my ankle I cast on the Lace Capelet and I have finished the knitting to the end of the pattern, but I want to add one more pattern repeat to make it longer, and despite my efforts to have a loose cast-on, it's still tighter than it should be so I am going to rip out the cast-on and knit a row, then cast-off loosely. I am using the softest baby alpaca yarn. I can't wait for this to be done!

Lace capelet

I have also knit two baby hats and a pair of newborn-sizes longies, and today I cast on a pair of baby socks. My baby shower gifts for the next several months will be finished well in advance!

I warned the other participants that I am knitting a lot because I am sitting a lot, but we'll have to see how the game ends at the end of April!

A new super-secret weight loss plan

I have discovered a fantastic way to lose weight. You might not find it convenient, but it totally works! If you break your ankle on your driving leg, not only can you not drive to the store or the fast-food restaurant, but you can't get up and walk to the kitchen and eat because you're bored.

Today, fully clothed and wearing my big orthopedic boot, I weighed the same as I did a couple of weeks ago, not wearing those things.

(I promise, an update on my foot with a picture coming soon. No cast, just a boot!)

People with Y-chromosomes, don't read this one

A couple weeks ago, after weaning the littlest Frugalgirl, I decided it was time for a new, let's say "foundation undergarment" (I told you men, quit reading. This post is about BRAS.) I had seen the site Breakout Bras recommended before on a parenting message board so I found it, measured myself according to their instructions, and ordered what I believed to be the right size. The bra was on sale, and the shipping was free, so I didn't have much to lose. I am so amazed at how it fits and that I have been wearing the WRONG bra size for almost all of my life. I have heard that most women do wear the wrong size, and I believe it, especially because my size isn't commonly available at big-box stores. If you wonder if you're wearing the right size, go measure yourself with their method. It is accurate! You will be so glad!

Ouf of the mouths of babes

One of the responsibilities that the bigger kids have taken on since I broke my foot is making their lunches to take to school. Their school declares itself to be "peanut-free" to accommodate the allergic kids. They are allowed to take peanut butter sandwiches but can't sit at a "peanut-free" table and all classroom snacks have to be nut-free as well. Tuesday morning Frugalgirl1 was making herself a sandwich and I asked her if she really wanted creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy. She was quite distressed that I would ask her such a question, because in her mind, she was supposed to take peanut butter without nuts.

But wait, I'm the MOM!

I found myself in a hurry the other night and I forgot to watch my step on the packed snow in the yard. The temperature was just over the freezing point so all the ice was wet and very, very slippery. And if you can't tell where this story is going, you've obviously never tried to hurry over wet ice.

I slipped and fell and instantly knew that I had hurt my ankle. I have stepped on it wrong a few times before but this time, it was different. I slowly limped back into the house, kept ice packs on my ankle until my shivering shook them off, and kept it elevated.

I could put a little bit of weight on it but for the next 36 hours, I mostly stayed on the couch.

This morning I decided that I'd better go to the doctor. (OK, I didn't actually go by myself. Frugaldad came home from work and drove me and tended to the little girls in the waiting room) After the technician finished the x-rays, I sat in the chair waiting for the films to develop. He took one look at them and came back for me with a wheelchair. Because my ankle is broken, people. Broken, and I've been walking around on it for almost 2 days. Broken, and I have a house full of people to take care of. Broken, and it's my driving foot.

I have an appointment with an orthopaedist on Monday where I'll probably get a cast. In the meantime, I have a splint and a pair of crutches and a husband and kids who are about to learn the meaning of teamwork.

So bear with me as I feel a little sorry for myself, and enjoy this picture of the littlest Frugalgirl taken last summer. Someday it will be warm again, with no ice to slip on.

better than fruit snacks

What a week!

ready to go outside!

I believe that the events of the past week have graduated this adorable kid to be Frugalgirl3 instead of the Frugalbaby. She's been 2 for a while, but as the youngest, it's easy to still call her the baby. This week she learned to use the potty. The gods of parenting have finally granted me some justice, and she was, by far, the easiest to train of all four of my kids. It's been 11 days since we started the process, and not only is she accident-free, she goes to the bathroom on her own without being asked or reminded.

A couple days before we started the potty thing, I made a decision. I quit complaining about her sleep issues (long time readers will remember--you can go peruse the archives at the other site) since every time I thought I had them resolved, she'd quit sleeping through the night again. She has been climbing out of her bed and into mine and nursing throughout the night. I decided that it had to stop, so I told her no, snuggled her, and let her sleep by me. To my surprise, she didn't protest that much. After a week of no night-nursing and only nursing her once per day, right at bedtime, I cut her off from the last nursing, too. Now she is weaned. I never thought this day would come.

It's not quite as bittersweet as I thought it might be since I plan to have more babies, but it still a little sad when she asks for milk at bedtime.

Zen and the art of homemaking

Lately I am finding myself struggling to get it all done. I've been a loyal Kerflop reader for years, and while it makes me sound like some crazed Internet stalker, I enjoy getting a glimpse into her life because in some ways we are similar. Jessica's post earlier last week hit close to home for me because I also try to do everything. Most things I try, I do well. Unfortunately, as my family has gotten larger, the menagerie of pets has grown, and our home life has gotten a little crazy, I have come to the sad realization that I can't do everything. I can't make all our meals from scratch off of a month-long preplanned menu, sew all the kids pajamas and the majority of their clothes, knit all of our socks, hats, and scarves, keep a picture-perfect spotlessly clean home, stay skinny, be a blogging rock star, study my scriptures daily and actually learn something, and get a good nights' sleep. I just can't do it all.

I usually figure that the main reason I can't get it all done is I don't have my priorities right yet. When I was a teenager, I was very consistent in my scripture reading. Getting married through a wrench in my consistency, but it was having kids that really sent me over the edge. All of a sudden, I was very sleep deprived, and rising early in the morning to read was not an option for me. Staying up late to read wasn't an option either, since often I will fall asleep if I sit still for any amount of time.

I know that by giving the Lord a few minutes each day in scripture study I'll be blessed with patience, motivation, and the ability to get more things done. But taking that first step is so hard! It's the proverbial "sand in my shoes."

One of the ladies in Relief Society mentioned a few months ago that she didn't read anything until she had read her scriptures that day. I like to read a magazine while I eat lunch, so I decided that I can read my scriptures instead. Oh my word, the opposition is great. I am interrupted so many times every time I sit to read, though I try to get the little girls everything they need before I sit down. I'm only getting a chapter read each day, but something is better than nothing, and it alleviates a little of my guilt.


If you read something that doesn't sound exactly like I wrote it, I probably didn't. Frugaldad has been helping set this site up and he really enjoys playing around and uploading pictures and such. So a lot of the menu items and picture descriptions are his words, not mine. They aren't always exactly as I would have written them, but I appreciate his help tremendously. I don't re-write, just like I have learned to not re-load when he loads the dishwasher. Different isn't necessarily better or worse.