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Talking to strangers?

As children, we're ingrained to avoid talking to strangers. However, once we're adults, sometimes talking to people you don't know is a great way to save money. My husband is glad for the fact that I am not afraid to make phone calls to get information. I make calls to check store hours, see if certain items are in stock, get construction bids, make reservations, etc. Not only does it save time, but gasoline as well.  read more »


I'm at the point in the summer where I can only keep up with the picking and watering, but not the weeding, and I've been so busy that I haven't blogged or uploaded pictures or anything! I planted too much summer squash (want some zucchini?) and every 2 or 3 days I'm picking a gallon of green beans. There are little melons growing and the corn is well on its way as well. We picked the first two big tomatoes this weekend to put on hamburgers. The herbs are also growing and I am going to try some pesto to use up some of this basil.

The three oldest kids have gone back to school for the year already (don't you love year-round school? :-)) so that gives me a little bit of peace during the day, but I realized this morning that this baby is due in just over 2 months! Holy Cow!  read more »

Get your hands off me!

Why do people think that a pregnant lady's belly is public property? I have complete strangers and/or people whom I don't know very well touching my belly all the time. I am seriously making a t-shirt or two discouraging this behavior. I just saw a cute one on Etsy that said "I am not a genie bottle" but that's a little too subtle for me.

My shirts are going to say things like

"Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean you can touch my belly"


"If you touch my belly, I'll touch yours"

or the big red circle with a slash through it (is there a name for that?) with the word "TOUCHING" under it.

Seriously, strangers, it really bugs me!

Summer's bounty

It's that time of year again! Between my purchases from the fruit stands and harvesting from the garden, I am spending a lot of time "putting food by" (as our grandmothers called it). It can be a little overwhelming, especially on the days like today when I do more than one type of food, but in the end, it's all worth it.

I had a discussion this morning with a lady I know who also gardens, and in the past, has canned. I asked her if she was canning this year and she replied that she just couldn't afford to this year, not with the price of canned goods as low as they are. I commented that it can be really expensive if you don't have a free or cheap source of food, but I imagine that I will always keep canning, even if the price of the local produce I buy goes up.  read more »

Pepe Le Pew

I have never actually taken the time to blog about all my run-ins with the neighborhood skunks. Usually it's a close call that leaves me breathless with a racing heart. And while we've seen skunks dozens of times, we've been lucky (?) enough to only have to deal with a direct hit twice.  read more »

Five fun things about living at The Frugal Farm

5. People look at you crazy when you start talking about irrigation. Or cutting hay. Or barns. Need I go on?

4. You go to the county fair solely to look at the livestock--because you actually have a place to put it.

3. You know that real farmers laugh when they hear you live on five acres ("that's a backyard!" they say) yet your family refers to you as "the farm cousins."

2. Less concrete surrounding you means cooler temperatures in the summer.

1. Sometimes you get to drive a TRACTOR!


(do you have to ask? I drove the tractor last night!)

Fruits of my labor

Today I ate the first tomatoes of the season. They were warm from the sun, and had that perfect tomato flavor. Sure, they were cherry tomatoes, but tomatoes nonetheless.

I went out to the garden to get some onions for dinner and picked the first 4 ripe cherry tomatoes. That was enough for me and each of the girls to eat one (Frugalboy isn't a fan of raw tomatoes), but after I washed them and ate one, I decided that since I had done most of the garden work, I didn't have to share this time. So I didn't.

There will be lots more cherry tomatoes for the girls to eat this summer. The first ones were the fruits of my labor.

Call it coincidence, call it a miracle....

Call it what you want, but after being plagued with headaches since I found out I am pregnant, I have found a cure.

I get regular migraine headaches. Usually they are menstrual migraines, but if I don't get enough sleep for too many nights in a row, I will also get one. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I was really able to manage them. I take either an OTC remedy (Excedrin Migraine) or a prescription, depending on the severity, and often drinking a cold caffeinated drink helps get rid of them, too.  read more »

A Fine Line

I was washing the dishes the other night and had a thought--where do you draw the line between catering to picky children and doing nice things for them?  read more »

Frugal Foods


Jenn at Frugal Upstate is doing a Frugal Foods series and this week she's doing eggs! We eat a ton of eggs around here with a backyard flock of chickens, and back in January I posted my recipe for Potato Crust Quiche.

I love how both Jenn and I have pictures of different colored eggs.