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Spring Tops!

I committed myself to Spring Top Week back in March and I made a valiant effort. I only completed two tops but I have fabric for more and even have a new pattern traced that I can't wait to sew up!

This green one, I am not so happy about. I had to modify it a ton after the fact to make it modest enough around the neckline, and the fabric is just wonky. But I really like the color. Next time, remind me that I hate sewing thin jersey.  read more »

the sweetpod!

I have been intending to sew a soft structured carrier similar to the Ergo Baby Carrier for nearly a year. My friend Jess wrote up a great tutorial but I just never made it a priority. I bought fabric, I bought hardware, and I waited. Then in December, Jessica released the Sweetpod pattern, which I bought immediately. The Sweetpod is more like a Beco Butterfly with an internal panel to hold smaller babies more securely and make putting babies onto your back easier. Fast forward four months, and I decided that it was finally time.  read more »

Fabulous Blue Jean Fix

Last summer, every single pair of kid's jeans in this house that had holey knees got turned into shorts. The boy got a plain hem, but the girls got a cute ribbon cheater hem like these. I stole the idea from Jessica at Balancing Everything and it is a really cute and easy way to finish a hem. I even made a quick tutorial and put it up in my flickr tutorials.  read more »


No need to spend a ton of money on baby shower gifts! Something handmade is almost always more appreciated and needn't take a lot of time.

I spent some time at the sewing machine this morning whipping up a couple gifts for a couple of new babies being born in my circle of friends over the next month. The instructions for the ruffles come to you courtesy of Char and her award-winning tutorial. I've "known" Char for years and years online (like since we had 1 kid each or something and met on a parenting forum) and she makes some really cute stuff.  read more »

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