Protecting an investment

We splurged on Silestone countertops in the new kitchen. And even though they are supposed to be really durable, I am a little paranoid. Especially when it comes to things like thermal shock. I have, firsthand, seen people pull a hot glass dish out of the oven and plop it right down on their granite counters. I would be afraid that both the glass and the counter would crack from the extreme temperature change. I have also read that when you use a slow-cooker, you are supposed to put something underneath it to protect your counters.  read more »

make more with a 2x4

Before you read this, go to google and type "diy 2x4 furniture" and see what comes up as the first search result. It's me, it's me! How exciting!  read more »

the short list, and a science experiment

Before I move on to the science experiment, let me share a short list of things that have happened/are happening around here:

A laundry room in the midst of renovations
Old kitchen cabinets torn out
A little trip to the ER via ambulance (don't worry, everyone is fine!)
A goose that drowned in her own drinking water
A lot of cold temperatures resulting in a frozen outdoor hydrant, meaning I have to haul water for animals
Major decluttering, donating, and disposing

Need I say more to explain my absence?  read more »

New Kitchen!

Someday, when I have some free time, and I'm bored (HAH!) I will fill you in on all the details of how we got here over the last few months. But to make a long story short, over the weekend we moved the appliances from the old kitchen to the new kitchen in the addition. This kitchen rocks. I love it already. I am still moving the contents of cupboards and drawers over as I need things, and I have to trek *all the way* to the old pantry when I need supplies, but the day has finally come!

IMG_1276  read more »

Addition work and chicken news

Since we installed the backsplash two weeks ago, Frugaldad has been very busy and has accomplished a lot. Check it out here.

In other news, this week we found the first eggs from our new hens! I am pretty sure that it is either the black or golden sex-link hens and not the aracaunas. We've found 4 eggs in the last week but I expect to start finding more as all of the hens start to lay.

new eggs  read more »

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