the short list, and a science experiment

Before I move on to the science experiment, let me share a short list of things that have happened/are happening around here:

A laundry room in the midst of renovations
Old kitchen cabinets torn out
A little trip to the ER via ambulance (don't worry, everyone is fine!)
A goose that drowned in her own drinking water
A lot of cold temperatures resulting in a frozen outdoor hydrant, meaning I have to haul water for animals
Major decluttering, donating, and disposing

Need I say more to explain my absence?  read more »

coming soon...

I totally don't have time to even be online, but I'm taking a well-deserved break. I'm uploading pictures and hope to make time to blog sometime soon.

Addition progress, garden progress, canning, skunk hunting, new eggs from the spring chickens...lots of stories to tell and no time to tell them.


My exact conversation just moments ago with a woman at the Idaho State Tax Commission:

her: May I help you?

me: Yes, I am ready to file my Idaho taxes and I owe a little bit of money and the address on the voucher form is different from the address on the Idaho Form 40 and I wanted to make sure I am mailing to the correct address.

her: Yes, that is correct.

me: Which is correct?

her: Well, we have lots of addresses, it will get to us either way. You can mail it to (says address).

me: So the address on the voucher isn't right?

her: Yes, that one is for payments.

me: So which one should I use?

her: If you're mailing a return with it, go ahead and mail it to (says first address again)  read more »

sneak peek

I finally got lots of vacation pictures uploaded to flickr. Here's a little sneak peek for you: I found Nemo!
look!  I found Nemo!

catching up

I finally got a lot of pictures uploaded off the camera! Some are on flickr. Take a look if you're interested.

In the meantime, I am stalking the UPS truck that is carrying the washing machine pump. The clothes are sorted and ready to go. Who would have thought someone could be so anxious to do laundry?

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