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2008/03/06 Rice and Sausage Casserole

This casserole recipe came from my mother-in-law and has sausage, rice, onion, celery, bell pepper, and a package of Lipton noodle soup. Pretty tasty.

2008/02/26 Anniversary Pasta

Tonight is the first night I have cooked since I broke my ankle. We had about a week's worth of meals brought in from church, and did frozen foods/fast food the other nights. While I finally have enough energy to cook, doing the dishes is another store.

2008/02/11 Chicken Curry with Lentils and Rice

A couple weeks ago my friend Amy came over to sew. She brought some leftover chicken curry for her lunch. Instead of eating it over rice, her husband had cooked lentils and rice together. I thought that sounded really good. Then I saw that Meredith at Like Merchant Ships had found a blog called Lentils and Rice and the lady who write that blog makes a big pot of lentils and rice every week.

I took this as a sign that it was time to try making lentils and rice together. I put a pound of lentils and a pound of brown rice in a pot with some salt, covered with water (maybe an inch or two over the level of the lentils and rice), brought it to a boil, then simmered it until it was done.

We ate it under my standard chicken curry sauce. It was so much more filling than regular rice and I thought it was really delicious. Only the youngest kid would eat it, so I let the others eat bread.

It made a lot extra, too, so I will have to figure out a way to eat the ~8 cups of leftover lentils and rice.

2008/02/08 Pizza

Tonight I get to go out with my girlfriends, but I am going to make pizza for the masses. I'll make one big pizza with sausage, ham, bell pepper, onion, and olives for Frugaldad, and I'll let the kids choose their own toppings on individual pizzas.

2008/02/07 Anniversary Pasta

Anniversary Pasta and a big green salad. All three of my girls eat salad, which makes me very glad!

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