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Cinco de Mayo menu

Being a born and bred Texan, I love Mexican food. I think I love Mexican food more than any other type of ethnic food. I am literally salivating in anticipation of tomorrow's menu. About a year ago I read and researched and tested and figured out a recipe for authentic and delicious carnitas. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about carnitas. I have found that 4 lbs of meat will feed my hungry family twice, plus pork butt is a fairly inexpensive cut of meat (I pay anywhere from $1-1.39/lb) so it also makes for a fairly inexpensive dinner. What makes carnitas so delicious is you braise them until all the fat renders out of the meat, and then you let the meat fry in its own fat.  read more »

2009/04/09 Roast Chicken

Roast chicken, broccoli, stuffing, and strawberries. I picked up the chicken for .79/lb and the broccoli and strawberries are in season so they were inexpensive as well. Stove-top stuffing was a dollar a box. I figure we fed our family for less than $8 and I have enough chicken left over for a meal of chicken curry.  read more »

2009/04/01 Franks and corn the easy way

I am pretty sure my mom invented Franks and Corn when we were little. It is a favorite around here too because it is full of things that kids like. Basically, it's cooked diced potatoes, sliced hot dogs, and corn all seasoned with chili powder. I find it cumbersome to make it in a skillet, though, because it takes too long to cook the potatoes through and you have to keep stirring. So I have started roasting everything in the oven.  read more »

2009/01/21 A meal even a hausfrau would be proud of

Frugaldad spent two years living in Eastern Germany as a missionary. The people had just spent decades living under communism and many were atheists. The membership in the church was small so most nights the missionaries fed themselves, and they were lucky to be invited to Sunday dinners. He came home grateful that he had served in the land of meat and potatoes, as opposed to the land of fish and rice. He used to do the cooking whenever we ate food like this, but after twelve years I can finally make a meal even a German hausfrau would be proud of.  read more »

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