Hollow Tree 2009

9.8.09 25 quarts canned pears
9.5.09 8 trays dried peaches
9.5.09 17 quarts canned peaches
9.5.09 5 quarts garlic dill pickles
9.4.09 7 quarts garlic dill pickles
8.30.09 6 1/2 cups crushed blackberries
8.29.09 4 pints green beans canned
8.24.09 14 pints green beans canned
8.17.09 4 cups crushed blackberries
8.18.09 10 pints green beans canned
8.13.09 8 pints green beans canned
8.12.09 2 cups crushed blackberries
8.7.09 6 cups crushed blackberries
7.16.09 2 cups black currant jelly
7.15.09 13 1/2 cups crushed raspberries, 4 lbs blueberries frozen
7.11.09 18 1/2 cups crushed raspberries
7.6.09 2 batches freezer jam, 10 cups crushed raspberries
7.3.09 2 cups red currant jelly
5.28.09 32 pints cooked blackberry jam
4.17.09 8 lbs strawberries into the freezer

Still waiting....

I am still pregnant and while I wait for this baby to come I am trying to finish up this year's canning. As I stirred the plum jam this morning I was a little bit glad that the apple trees aren't really mature enough to have born any fruit this year, and that we only got a couple gallons of pears, because between the peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, berries, crabapples, squash, cucumbers, and corn, I had my hands full. It feels good to have almost all of my jars full of food. There are still lots of blackberries and some apricot puree in the freezer that need to be made into jam, but right now the freezer is so jam-packed (not with jam!) with sale-purchased meat that I don't have space for jam.  read more »

Relish the thought

Relish the thought

Who would have thought that just a few cucumber plants would yield enough for 7 quarts of pickles, 17 half-pints of dill relish, and an upcoming batch of sweet relish? As weary as I am of taking care of the harvest, it makes me just a tiny, tiny bit sad that the vines are starting to wither and turn brown. Fall will be here before we know it!

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