all mama-made

All wrapped up

his pants, his hat, his sweater and socks, even his diaper, all mama-made. And don't forget he spent an extra 10 days baking, so he's mama-made too!

Ding Dong the Boot is Gone!

I went to the orthopedist today and got a rigid splint to wear instead of that horrible heavy boot! I can even put (well, I'm supposed to for support) a sneaker on over it. So while I'm not going to be running a marathon, let alone walking down the street, I have a little more range of movement in my ankle now and hopefully in the next couple of days I'll be able to drive again. I feel a little unsteady when I walk but I'm sure over the next few days, as my muscles get used to moving again, I'll be a little more mobile. In the meantime, I need to catch up to Tami and Heidi and Erika in the Stash Game. These ladies are leaving me in the dust!

Let the games begin!

My knitting friends (who also happen to be my cloth diapering friends, too) and I are about to start a game. It's called the Stash Game, and to win you need to earn the most points by knitting from your stash of yarn. Points are earned for finishing unfinished objects (UFOs), using up complete skeins, giving away knitted items, starting and finishing projects, etc. Points are lost for starting a project but not finishing, but mostly for buying new yarn. The point of the game is basically to use up as much yarn as you can without buying any new skeins.

Since I broke my ankle, I've been cranking out finished objects (FOs) like a madwoman. It started with Frugaldad's socks.
Finished socks!
I started these socks way back in September (after buying the yarn in March) and 8 inches of ribbing just about did me in. When I finally finished the first sock, it was too big, so I did the second sock differently and then ripped the first one back and reknit it. Those socks were almost the end of me!

Right before I broke my ankle I cast on the Lace Capelet and I have finished the knitting to the end of the pattern, but I want to add one more pattern repeat to make it longer, and despite my efforts to have a loose cast-on, it's still tighter than it should be so I am going to rip out the cast-on and knit a row, then cast-off loosely. I am using the softest baby alpaca yarn. I can't wait for this to be done!

Lace capelet

I have also knit two baby hats and a pair of newborn-sizes longies, and today I cast on a pair of baby socks. My baby shower gifts for the next several months will be finished well in advance!

I warned the other participants that I am knitting a lot because I am sitting a lot, but we'll have to see how the game ends at the end of April!

Are you my neighbor?

Chemo hat for the next door neighbor

Back in December, I learned through the neighborhood grapevine that the 21 year-old son of our next-door neighbors had been diagnosed with cancer. Once I had that knowledge, I started noticing that I wasn't seeing the regular things that I usually saw in the winter. The acres of leaves hadn't been raked yet. The house was often dark in the evenings. The car that was usually in the driveway was often gone. I wasn't seeing my neighbor using the lawn tractor to transport wood from the woodpile at the back of the property to the house.  read more »

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