so sweet...

...are the giggles of a little girl when you help her find a doll that she was sure was lost forever and she needed to play her game.

I want another baby carrier!

but I'm too cheap to buy it. Go to Along for the Ride and win an Ergo!

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my birth story

Sometime after the birth of my fourth child I decided that I wanted to have my next birth without an epidural or other pain meds. I had had an epidural for each of those four births. While I realize that having an epidural doesn't make me less of a mother, or diminish the birth in any way, I wanted to do it “the real way.” I'd read a lot about how babies can be more alert after a non-medicated birth, and how recoveries can be easier for the mother. I'd also read about how having less interventions overall actually leads to less problems. And while I was also open to an out-of-hospital birth like a birth center, that was not an option for us for a few reasons.  read more »

Will the new Frugalbaby be a

Who says 2 is too young to help?

Who says 2 is too young to help?

This kid just barely turned three and she is quite a good helper around the kitchen already. She can help grind cucumbers for relish, or apples for applesauce, help put dirty dishes in the sink when I wash, set the table all on her own, and sort laundry by color.

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