Still waiting....

I am still pregnant and while I wait for this baby to come I am trying to finish up this year's canning. As I stirred the plum jam this morning I was a little bit glad that the apple trees aren't really mature enough to have born any fruit this year, and that we only got a couple gallons of pears, because between the peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, berries, crabapples, squash, cucumbers, and corn, I had my hands full. It feels good to have almost all of my jars full of food. There are still lots of blackberries and some apricot puree in the freezer that need to be made into jam, but right now the freezer is so jam-packed (not with jam!) with sale-purchased meat that I don't have space for jam.  read more »

Locks of Love

The two older girls recently donated their hair to Locks of Love. I was getting really tired of brushing waist-length hair on the 5 year-old every morning before school, but it had to be her idea for it to be cut. Look how cute they turned out!  read more »

So tired

So tired

Don't we all wish we could fall asleep whenever we're tired?

But wait, I'm the MOM!

I found myself in a hurry the other night and I forgot to watch my step on the packed snow in the yard. The temperature was just over the freezing point so all the ice was wet and very, very slippery. And if you can't tell where this story is going, you've obviously never tried to hurry over wet ice.

I slipped and fell and instantly knew that I had hurt my ankle. I have stepped on it wrong a few times before but this time, it was different. I slowly limped back into the house, kept ice packs on my ankle until my shivering shook them off, and kept it elevated.

I could put a little bit of weight on it but for the next 36 hours, I mostly stayed on the couch.

This morning I decided that I'd better go to the doctor. (OK, I didn't actually go by myself. Frugaldad came home from work and drove me and tended to the little girls in the waiting room) After the technician finished the x-rays, I sat in the chair waiting for the films to develop. He took one look at them and came back for me with a wheelchair. Because my ankle is broken, people. Broken, and I've been walking around on it for almost 2 days. Broken, and I have a house full of people to take care of. Broken, and it's my driving foot.

I have an appointment with an orthopaedist on Monday where I'll probably get a cast. In the meantime, I have a splint and a pair of crutches and a husband and kids who are about to learn the meaning of teamwork.

So bear with me as I feel a little sorry for myself, and enjoy this picture of the littlest Frugalgirl taken last summer. Someday it will be warm again, with no ice to slip on.

better than fruit snacks



Just look at those cherry blossoms. Can't you feel spring when you look at that? With inches of snow outside, and lows tonight predicted to be in the teens, it seems a world away, but it will come. It always does. I love the seasons.

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