The truth is, I'm scared of the rooster. He's mean and aggressive and I rarely let him out of the chicken coop. I've had to whack him with my long stick to protect myself from his sharp spurs and beak. But he's pretty as all get out, right?

rooster and hens

There are animals I'm afraid of and some that I'm not.

Roosters, yes.
Ganders, no.
Skunks, yes. I do not open the doors when the skunks are about.  read more »

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

This egg might as well be made of gold, considering the amount of money I continue to spend on the geese. Eight months and one day old, and we finally have our first goose egg.

goose egg

Goose breed identification

I have been meaning to look up goose breeds since my geese started maturing. I ordered the Great Goose Group from McMurray Hatchery and while the birds were delivered with a gosling identification list, some of the birds were hard to identify since they look the same.

(I edited this after taking another look at the geese this morning)

This is mostly for my own reference, but here's what I have:
4 African geese. I haven't been able to identify males from females yet.  read more »

Gooses, geeses!

goslings @ 3 weeks old

Look how big these goslings are getting! They came to live here three weeks ago today. Here is a picture that might help you get some perspective. Look how small they were! But they were three times the size of a baby chick!

kids and goslings  read more »


just home from the post office

We got some fluffy mail today! Eleven baby goslings will be taking up residence here at The Frugal Farm. I might be a little crazy for taking this on, but it ought to be fun.

Click on the picture to go to flickr and see the rest of the photos.

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