Protecting an investment

We splurged on Silestone countertops in the new kitchen. And even though they are supposed to be really durable, I am a little paranoid. Especially when it comes to things like thermal shock. I have, firsthand, seen people pull a hot glass dish out of the oven and plop it right down on their granite counters. I would be afraid that both the glass and the counter would crack from the extreme temperature change. I have also read that when you use a slow-cooker, you are supposed to put something underneath it to protect your counters.  read more »

Thrifting score!

I've sent the 4th child to preschool. And while in theory, I thought I'd have all this time to run errands without her, the truth is, the 5th child really needs a nap during preschool hours. But her birthday is tomorrow, so today I ran errands (buying presents! and a pinata!) while she was at school and I already know that sacrificing the toddler's nap was a mistake. But I digress...

She loves the grocery store, but hates the thrift store. I go to the grocery store while she is home with me, and I try to hit the few thrift stores in my area when I am out without her. Today I found some treasures in a store that I don't manage to stop at very often.  read more »

Fabulous Blue Jean Fix

Last summer, every single pair of kid's jeans in this house that had holey knees got turned into shorts. The boy got a plain hem, but the girls got a cute ribbon cheater hem like these. I stole the idea from Jessica at Balancing Everything and it is a really cute and easy way to finish a hem. I even made a quick tutorial and put it up in my flickr tutorials.  read more »

The one where there aren't any pictures

I started this entry on May 7th but got distracted by a phone call, saved the draft, and forgot about it. Tonight as Frugaldad kept me company in the kitchen as I finished up the dishes, he suggested that I blog about the merits of cast iron pans since I was scrubbing one. So since I often cook ground beef in my cast iron pan, I'll finish up my previous thoughts and move on to cast iron.  read more »

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