the dog days of summer

Well, it probably isn't hot enough to consider these the dog days of summer, but we're almost halfway through summer vacation! Things are so busy that I go a couple days between online sessions (sorry if I haven't read your blog lately or posted on Facebook....I just haven't been online! If it's that important, call me on the phone!)

I have declared 2009 "The Year of the Raspberry" since we've already picked gallons and made jam and frozen crushed berries for jam. Don't let the color fool you, but those yellow raspberries might be the best things on the planet. We were excited to have enough for jam. Usually we just eat them all but this year the bushes are very generous.  read more »

more on the pantry principle

I'm afraid I've cooked so many meals using the pantry principle since I promised you more on the subject, that I can't even remember them all. Life is never boring here on the Frugal Farm, here's a sample of recent events...

*we passed our final inspection on our addition! No carpet, wood floor in the dining area, or trim/baseboards, but we're signed off with the city! YAY!
*the weather has turned to spring and I finally planted peas and onions but haven't gotten to the other spring crops.
*the Frugalbaby got a double ear infection and the pediatrician was out of town so I had to wait 2 hours at urgent care instead. FUN!
*above ear infection's antibiotics caused much intestinal distress and baby gets probiotics, too!  read more »

The pantry principle, aka Meal planning without a menu

I used to make menus. And I saved them for reference, even. I have pages and pages of old menus in the back of one of my recipe binders. But as the years have gone by, I have moved away from making menus and more towards cooking with the pantry principle.  read more »


New Dishcloth

You know the saying that goes something like "You don't appreciate what you have until it's gone"? In the case of my dishwasher, I didn't realize realized how much I missed it until I got it back.  read more »

Going shopping

This morning as I helped the girls get ready for church, it was apparent that our five year-old is in need of new Sunday clothes. She's grown quite a bit in the last year and most of her nice clothes are getting too small. Her older sister, on the other hand, isn't growing as fast, and has nothing to pass down yet.

So Frugalgirl2 gets to go shopping.


Most of the fabric stash  read more »

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