Why Hello, September!

We welcomed September in today with a forty-five degree morning. I made myself a cup of Good Hope Vanilla tea and sat down at the computer before 9am for the first time in ages!

I've sent the four oldest kids back to school and suddenly my schedule seems so much more free. I've been out of the blogging groove for so many months, for so many reasons, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've still got some of the fall canning and gardening to do, but the chilly morning gave me hope that there is an end in sight and I will get on top of all these projects some day! This year we picked 11 gallons of raspberries and I turned virtually all of them into jam.  read more »

the short list, and a science experiment

Before I move on to the science experiment, let me share a short list of things that have happened/are happening around here:

A laundry room in the midst of renovations
Old kitchen cabinets torn out
A little trip to the ER via ambulance (don't worry, everyone is fine!)
A goose that drowned in her own drinking water
A lot of cold temperatures resulting in a frozen outdoor hydrant, meaning I have to haul water for animals
Major decluttering, donating, and disposing

Need I say more to explain my absence?  read more »

Hollow Tree 2009

9.8.09 25 quarts canned pears
9.5.09 8 trays dried peaches
9.5.09 17 quarts canned peaches
9.5.09 5 quarts garlic dill pickles
9.4.09 7 quarts garlic dill pickles
8.30.09 6 1/2 cups crushed blackberries
8.29.09 4 pints green beans canned
8.24.09 14 pints green beans canned
8.17.09 4 cups crushed blackberries
8.18.09 10 pints green beans canned
8.13.09 8 pints green beans canned
8.12.09 2 cups crushed blackberries
8.7.09 6 cups crushed blackberries
7.16.09 2 cups black currant jelly
7.15.09 13 1/2 cups crushed raspberries, 4 lbs blueberries frozen
7.11.09 18 1/2 cups crushed raspberries
7.6.09 2 batches freezer jam, 10 cups crushed raspberries
7.3.09 2 cups red currant jelly
5.28.09 32 pints cooked blackberry jam
4.17.09 8 lbs strawberries into the freezer

getting organized and and a request for ideas

January seems to be the time of year that everyone has organization on the brain. We've packed away the Christmas boxes and with no major holidays on the horizon, we focus on bettering ourselves, our homes, and our families.

I mentioned a while back that I am finally getting control over the chaos that has been my life since the summer of 2007 when we tore the back room of our house down and began the biggest DIY project imaginable.  read more »

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