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The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

This egg might as well be made of gold, considering the amount of money I continue to spend on the geese. Eight months and one day old, and we finally have our first goose egg.

goose egg

Protecting an investment

We splurged on Silestone countertops in the new kitchen. And even though they are supposed to be really durable, I am a little paranoid. Especially when it comes to things like thermal shock. I have, firsthand, seen people pull a hot glass dish out of the oven and plop it right down on their granite counters. I would be afraid that both the glass and the counter would crack from the extreme temperature change. I have also read that when you use a slow-cooker, you are supposed to put something underneath it to protect your counters.  read more »

make more with a 2x4

Before you read this, go to google and type "diy 2x4 furniture" and see what comes up as the first search result. It's me, it's me! How exciting!  read more »

the short list, and a science experiment

Before I move on to the science experiment, let me share a short list of things that have happened/are happening around here:

A laundry room in the midst of renovations
Old kitchen cabinets torn out
A little trip to the ER via ambulance (don't worry, everyone is fine!)
A goose that drowned in her own drinking water
A lot of cold temperatures resulting in a frozen outdoor hydrant, meaning I have to haul water for animals
Major decluttering, donating, and disposing

Need I say more to explain my absence?  read more »

five little monkeys jumping on the tramp

Every once in a while we get one of those surreal moments when all five kids play together happily for more than 10 seconds.
five little monkeys
This moment happened sometime in September when the weather was gorgeous.  read more »

New Kitchen!

Someday, when I have some free time, and I'm bored (HAH!) I will fill you in on all the details of how we got here over the last few months. But to make a long story short, over the weekend we moved the appliances from the old kitchen to the new kitchen in the addition. This kitchen rocks. I love it already. I am still moving the contents of cupboards and drawers over as I need things, and I have to trek *all the way* to the old pantry when I need supplies, but the day has finally come!

IMG_1276  read more »

Goose breed identification

I have been meaning to look up goose breeds since my geese started maturing. I ordered the Great Goose Group from McMurray Hatchery and while the birds were delivered with a gosling identification list, some of the birds were hard to identify since they look the same.

(I edited this after taking another look at the geese this morning)

This is mostly for my own reference, but here's what I have:
4 African geese. I haven't been able to identify males from females yet.  read more »

Thrifting score!

I've sent the 4th child to preschool. And while in theory, I thought I'd have all this time to run errands without her, the truth is, the 5th child really needs a nap during preschool hours. But her birthday is tomorrow, so today I ran errands (buying presents! and a pinata!) while she was at school and I already know that sacrificing the toddler's nap was a mistake. But I digress...

She loves the grocery store, but hates the thrift store. I go to the grocery store while she is home with me, and I try to hit the few thrift stores in my area when I am out without her. Today I found some treasures in a store that I don't manage to stop at very often.  read more »

One Bountiful Day

I harvested all these goodies in one day in my own backyard. I didn't realize at first that I had set the eggs in a "nest" of green beans.

Things are slowing down in the garden but there is still plenty of work to be done.

one day's harvest

coming soon...

I totally don't have time to even be online, but I'm taking a well-deserved break. I'm uploading pictures and hope to make time to blog sometime soon.

Addition progress, garden progress, canning, skunk hunting, new eggs from the spring chickens...lots of stories to tell and no time to tell them.