Fabulous Blue Jean Fix

Last summer, every single pair of kid's jeans in this house that had holey knees got turned into shorts. The boy got a plain hem, but the girls got a cute ribbon cheater hem like these. I stole the idea from Jessica at Balancing Everything and it is a really cute and easy way to finish a hem. I even made a quick tutorial and put it up in my flickr tutorials.  read more »

sew fun!

I have to admit that I have become a craft blog junkie. While I would never make most of the things I see at U Create (and all of the blogs that I see linked there and in many other places) because I am pretty anti-clutter these days, it's still fun to look at what other people make and collect some inspiration for my own projects. Most of my current to-do's involve the sewing machine and the piles of fabric on my sewing table.  read more »

How we fixed the washing machine

Back in December I blogged about how my washing machine was broken. I am putting this post up full of keywords and links in hopes that it can help someone, because I certainly never found anything that would have led me to the answers that I needed.

The background and the problem  read more »

three entries in three days?

I blogged over at my renovation blog so go check it out!

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