coon vs. skunk

coon vs skunk

I have caught this raccoon taunting this skunk on at least three separate nights. The raccoon has not been skunked. Yet.

They are both hungry, and eating (or trying to eat) cat food.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, eh?

A little-known fact is that Frugaldad is half Canadian. His dad was born and raised in Alberta. When I saw this plate at the thrift store last fall I snatched it right up.  read more »

kitchen progress...

Blogged at the renovation blog.


Not too long after I posted these fox photos, the chicken coop door was accidentally left open (ok, it was my fault!) and at 4:30 one morning I was awakened by chickens screaming and all three of the birds I had left were killed. A couple weeks after that, we discovered that there were three kits with their mama on the adjoining property to ours, so we felt a little less bad that we had fed the hungry foxes some chicken dinner.

I had already planned to buy new chicks this spring and having no older chickens to integrate chicks with actually made the job easier.  read more »

an old wive's tale that actually works!

About a month ago I got sick. I think it was the flu, because it started with fever and chills and had a cough that lasted for 2 weeks. Then I coughed sporadically for another 2 weeks. Then I caught a cold so I am currently coughing again. (Let's not mention the stomach bug that came in the middle there as well--I am ready to be healthy again!) I had heard that rubbing Vicks Vapor rub on your feet at and putting on a pair of socks makes coughs go away at night. This is the sort of advice that I hear when I am healthy and forget when I am sick. I actually remembered it this time, and I am happy to report that it works!  read more »

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