Gooses, geeses!

goslings @ 3 weeks old

Look how big these goslings are getting! They came to live here three weeks ago today. Here is a picture that might help you get some perspective. Look how small they were! But they were three times the size of a baby chick!

kids and goslings  read more »

Magnetic Chore Chart

As I am sure is the case with many other parents, I have tried various systems and charts and lists to get my kids to do chores, and do them consistently, especially in the summer. This spring I started brainstorming about how I was going to have a successful summer with the children and I came up with this idea.  read more »

Five gallons

I have picked over five gallons of raspberries in the last ten days. I have made about 3 gallons of raspberry jam, and one-third of that was seedless. Three of the kids have swimming lessons every day. When I have a chance to get online, somehow I forget that I even have this blog. There are three more weeks until part of the children go back to school. I'm sure by then the rest of the garden will require all my attention. I hope you're having a good summer, too!

raspberry season has begun....

I mentioned a week ago that I'd picked the first of the red raspberries. The kids picked some during the week but yesterday I felt it was time for a serious harvest. I picked about a quart, but left hundreds of almost-ripe berries that will probably get picked tonight.  read more »


just home from the post office

We got some fluffy mail today! Eleven baby goslings will be taking up residence here at The Frugal Farm. I might be a little crazy for taking this on, but it ought to be fun.

Click on the picture to go to flickr and see the rest of the photos.

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