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First seeds planted

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes." Here at the Frugal Farm, the weather changed almost that quickly. After waking up to snow on Wednesday, by Friday it was beautifully sunny, and Saturday and Sunday were in the 70s and just gorgeous. We spent most of Saturday getting sunburned, trimming trees and burning brush, and getting the garden into planting shape. Four years ago we had a dump-truck-load of shredded bark mulch delivered, and the last of the pile was enough to cover the wide center path of the garden and the beginning of each side path. I need to get some more mulch and pull some more weeds but we are well on our way to a good garden!

This afternoon I finally managed to get the spring crops planted. I planted carrots, lettuce (2 types), spinach, cauliflower, red and green cabbage, radishes, peas, and onions.

And remember the quickly changing weather? Tonight's forecast is for mid-30s with a chance of rain or snow showers. But at least the seeds are in the ground!

There go my gardening plans

April Showers?

I am perpetually behind when it comes to getting my garden planted. It's still too early for most of the crops, but I needed to get peas, carrots, and the like in the ground last month. Since it's been a cool spring and the forsythia has only recently bloomed, I'm not feeling quite as guilty, but I really, truly intended to get some seeds planted today. And then we woke up to this.

I guess the planting has to wait.

(on an unrelated note, today marks 8 weeks since I broke my ankle. I have an appointment and an x-ray this morning! update: bone appears to be healing but the break still shows up in the pictures so I still get to wear the splint)

Updates galore

I just posted lots of updates and pictures over at the renovation blog. Check it out!

Are your ducks in a row?

Ducks in a row

Because I can

Check out the items listed at Majestic Congo! My friends and I really enjoy creating this stuff!

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