Call it coincidence, call it a miracle....

Call it what you want, but after being plagued with headaches since I found out I am pregnant, I have found a cure.

I get regular migraine headaches. Usually they are menstrual migraines, but if I don't get enough sleep for too many nights in a row, I will also get one. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I was really able to manage them. I take either an OTC remedy (Excedrin Migraine) or a prescription, depending on the severity, and often drinking a cold caffeinated drink helps get rid of them, too.  read more »

A Fine Line

I was washing the dishes the other night and had a thought--where do you draw the line between catering to picky children and doing nice things for them?  read more »

Frugal Foods


Jenn at Frugal Upstate is doing a Frugal Foods series and this week she's doing eggs! We eat a ton of eggs around here with a backyard flock of chickens, and back in January I posted my recipe for Potato Crust Quiche.

I love how both Jenn and I have pictures of different colored eggs.

Hollow Tree 2008

I've started filling my Hollow Tree early this year. Strawberries have been 75 cents a pound and I've hulled 20 lbs already this week. Six pounds went into our tummies, six pounds went into jam, about 5 pounds went in the freezer for making smoothies, and I sliced about 3 pounds and put them in the dehydrator to add to my granola. I think I'll head back to the store this afternoon and pick up another 8 pounds for the freezer. I can't pass up a deal like this!

Good Granola Made Simpler

Granola is one of those things at the store that costs much more than I am willing to pay. It is usually chock full of fat and sugar, as well, and is more like a dessert than a breakfast cereal. The naturally frugal solution is to make your own at home. Oatmeal, after all, is super cheap when you buy it in bulk. My problem with most granola recipes, though, is that they also call for exotic, expensive ingredients, and require baking for a long time at a low temperature and need to be stirred every five minutes. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but opening my oven every five minutes for an hour is not my idea of fun.  read more »

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