There's pictures of my pretty new bamboo floor at the renovation blog. It is the Golden Arowana Bamboo flooring that you can read about here but we bought it at Costco. It is about $2 per square foot and is just about the least expensive flooring you can put down that's worth a darn. It is even cheaper than carpet. You can buy transition pieces for thresholds and stair nosings from the manufacturer. We think we're going to love it.

eta: fixed the broken link, sorry.

so sweet...

...are the giggles of a little girl when you help her find a doll that she was sure was lost forever and she needed to play her game.

Did I hear someone say FREE YARN?

I thought so! Go here for a chance to win free yarn and needles.

On a more serious note, I've decided that having a yarn stash and fabric stash is emergency preparedness. Because what will we do for clothes and socks when there's no stores to shop at?

The one where there aren't any pictures

I started this entry on May 7th but got distracted by a phone call, saved the draft, and forgot about it. Tonight as Frugaldad kept me company in the kitchen as I finished up the dishes, he suggested that I blog about the merits of cast iron pans since I was scrubbing one. So since I often cook ground beef in my cast iron pan, I'll finish up my previous thoughts and move on to cast iron.  read more »

addition update

I updated the renovation blog and put some more pictures up on flickr. You're welcome. :-)

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