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I know I still need to tell the rest of that skunk story. It was getting late and my brain was pretty fried. But I have to tell another one!  read more »

Filling The Hollow Tree

I updated the Hollow Tree in my sidebar...I decided after 36 pints of beans, plus what I still have from last year, I was finished. So I pulled the plants up and put them in the compost pile! I also harvested all my carrots and onions. This is the year I will clean up my garden before the winter comes. Cross my heart.

our friend skunky

seeing the skunk at the end of the tunnel

A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the blackberry patch to pick berries. There was a stand of long grass in my path so I stood on it to bend it down and clear the way. Every time I stepped on the grass, I heard a funny noise in the currently unused irrigation pipe close by. The funny thing was, I wasn't hitting the pipe every time I pushed down on the grass, but the noise coincided with the grass hitting the ground. The noise sounded like a frog jumping up and down, echoing a little in the 30 foot piece of plastic pipe. I kicked the pipe a little, trying to see if I could hear anything else. Nothing. I had the phone with me, so I called Frugaldad and told him about it, and he mentioned that he thought he'd heard a noise out there the day or so before.  read more »


so it is really hard to get back into blogging once you have taken a long break. My 3 older kids are back in school so my days have calmed down a little. Promise I'll post more soon! I have a good skunk story to share!

on vacation

as you might have guessed, we've been on vacation! We're heading home in the morning. Look for a full report of our week of fun!

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