catching up

I finally got a lot of pictures uploaded off the camera! Some are on flickr. Take a look if you're interested.

In the meantime, I am stalking the UPS truck that is carrying the washing machine pump. The clothes are sorted and ready to go. Who would have thought someone could be so anxious to do laundry?

celebrating the small stuff

I am choosing to focus on life's small victories. It makes for a happier mom.

So, instead of focusing on the fact that the pump on the washing machine died, I am happy that I can replace it myself for the cost of the part. And that I get three days off from doing any laundry. And that it waited until my last load yesterday to die.

I go through each day with this focus in mind, thinking, "What is the victory here?"

It's a victory when I go to bed with a clean kitchen (yesterday I cleaned off the corner of the counter that has been cluttered all summer long--why did I keep those broken things anyway?).  read more »


A week or so ago, an old friend of mine posted as his Facebook status, "I think that people who take the time to log onto Facebook and post something about "how busy they are" are probably not as busy as they think they are."

I hope you understand that my absence from blogging is because I'm busy, and too busy to get on and blog about how busy I am. There are days when I don't even get online, days when I don't dare sit down at the computer because I can't pull myself away from catching up and the other stuff on my list is just more important. Five kids keeps me on my toes, but I choose to live this way so I have no complaints.  read more »

Aporkalypse now...

I'm pretty sure we had swine flu. Cross your fingers.

Since I've been too busy to blog, today you can help celebrate Frugalbaby's birthday by reading his birth story. Happy Birthday Baby!

the box it comes in is way more fun

the other half of the story

(pretend that it hasn't been almost a month since I told the first half of this story)

So when we left our brave skunk-fighters, we had two plans. One was to try and poison the skunk with smoke bombs, the kind that you can also put down gopher holes. We thought we could block both ends of the pipe with a feed sack full of dirt and slip the smoke bomb in and let it do its work. But since I am such a fraidey-cat, I was afraid of getting skunked when I blocked both ends of the pipe.

Our other plan was to try and dispatch the skunk with a .22 rifle.

Frugalboy, who at the ripe age of ten has already proven himself to be an excellent marksman with a .22 when plinking at soda cans up in the mountains with Frugaldad, was recruited to be our sniper.  read more »

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