For my daughter's eighth birthday in May I ordered some silks from Dharma Trading Company and dyed them up with Kool-aid and food coloring. They were such a big hit that I dyed more the my 11 year-old's birthday last week. My soon-to-be six-year-old is really hoping she gets some for her birthday coming up in September. (Lucky for her, I ordered the silks at the same time!) The girls use them as skirts and shawls and wave them around while they dance.

Dyeing with Kool-aid is really easy and food-safe, so you don't have to worry about using separate pots and pans and containers. I googled the topic and read several blog posts and tutorials about it before I got started and the whole process only takes an hour or so. My rainbow, in order of Kool-aid flavors, is tropical punch, orange, lemonade, lemon-lime, berry blue, Wilton's violet icing color (the paste, not drops), and strawberri-kiwi. Grape kool-aid makes a grayish color instead of a vibrant purple so I used a dab of icing paste color for the purple. The purple separates into blue and red and made for a really pretty silk. (The Crock Pot has nothing to do with the dye, it was just our dinner cooking.)

prepared dye baths

dyeing silks

The red was really hard to rinse out so next time I will try and remember to use less Kool-aid.

Last night I discovered a blue playsilk was a backdrop for a Polly Pocket beach scene. That is exactly the kind of creative play I was going for when I made them.