Eat local, literally

Last summer in our irrigation ditch we saw what we thought was an asparagus gone to seed, so we resolved to remember to look in the spring. A couple of weeks ago we were outside getting ready for our first irrigation turn of the season and I remembered the aparagus. Sure enough, there was one lone, tall stalk. We cut it and I put it into a glass of water on the counter. The kids were unimpressed, mostly because none of them like asparagus. It was only this year that I finally developed a taste for it. It was a really long stalk, about 14 inches!
asparagus from our ditch bank

The next morning one of the children asked if it had grown. Surely not, we answered, but measured anyway. It grew 3 inches overnight! It has grown another inch by the end of the day but then seemed to stop.
the amazing growing asparagus

I had planned to saute the asparagus and throw it into an omelet but happened to be roasting the last of last fall's butternut squash so I decided to put the asparagus in the oven as well. Half of the stalk was too woody to eat but I was able to get 6 nice bites for my omelet.

I cooked an omelet with one of my own chickens' eggs, put in the asparagus, and added some feta style Farmstead cheese from a local cheesemaker. I neglected to take a picture of my creation, but it was one of the best omelets that I have ever eaten.

When you hear people encouraging others eating locally, I'm not sure they mean for me to take it so literally, but I guarantee you that fifteen years ago I would have never imagined myself eating omelets made from my own eggs filled with my own asparagus from my own backyard.