A month or so ago I was baking something and the canister of sugar in my cupboard was empty. I went to the bucket in the pantry to refill it and that was empty, too. I went in the basement to the cupboard under the stairs to get another bucket and found that I only had 50 lbs of sugar left. We're big believers in self-sufficiency, and having a year's supply of basic foods is a part of that. A year's supply of sugar for a family of our size is 420 lbs, so I was a bit short. I spent a few days price-checking and discovered that my favorite grocery store had sugar for half the price of the cannery and for significantly less that Costco or any other grocery store. So over the next few shopping trips I bought 400 pounds. Then last week I went shopping and the price of sugar had risen by a third. I don't know many ways to make 33% on my money so quickly.