Protecting an investment

We splurged on Silestone countertops in the new kitchen. And even though they are supposed to be really durable, I am a little paranoid. Especially when it comes to things like thermal shock. I have, firsthand, seen people pull a hot glass dish out of the oven and plop it right down on their granite counters. I would be afraid that both the glass and the counter would crack from the extreme temperature change. I have also read that when you use a slow-cooker, you are supposed to put something underneath it to protect your counters.

I can't remember if I ever mentioned that several months back I happened upon some marble tiles on clearance at Home Depot for a dollar each. I bought all 57 of them, planning on using them in the future master bath. But when I started using the new kitchen, I went down to the basement and grabbed one, and grabbed some silicone dots from my picture-hanging paraphernalia, and made myself a little trivet to protect my counters from my crock pot.

crock-pot trivet

up close:

crock pot trivet

And there you have it. For just over a dollar, I've taken a step to preserve these counters and protect the investment.