make more with a 2x4

Before you read this, go to google and type "diy 2x4 furniture" and see what comes up as the first search result. It's me, it's me! How exciting!

We are always out to build quality stuff for the least amount of money. When we finished the wood floor and added carpet to the addition, the baby was crawling, so Frugaldad put some other projects on hold and built a gate for the top of the basement stairs. What did he use to build this gate? Well, 2x4s, of course! He ripped and jointed and planed, added some of his favorite joint, the pocket screw, and we had a gate that kept the baby from falling down the stairs. Total cost? Well, 3 2x4's that is about $6.

let me in!

Fast forward eighteen months. The 2 1/2 year old toddler can safely navigate the stairs, but we have a baby cousin who still needs the gate, so it remains installed.

You can build lots more than walls with the humble 2x4!