five little monkeys jumping on the tramp

Every once in a while we get one of those surreal moments when all five kids play together happily for more than 10 seconds.
five little monkeys
This moment happened sometime in September when the weather was gorgeous.

Now the weather is cold! I bought insulated leather work gloves and I wear them twice a day to do "chores" and they were eight of the best dollars I've ever spent! We had a big snowstorm a few weeks ago, with a snow day even! I took advantage of the kids being home and a driveway too deep to drive out of, to finish the canning and I made applesauce. (I took the kids sledding too, and got stuck in said driveway, but we got out after not too much work!)

I am nearly done with Christmas prep but still have some food to prepare.

Frugaldad is remodeling my laundry room! Stay tuned for updates on that!