Goose breed identification

I have been meaning to look up goose breeds since my geese started maturing. I ordered the Great Goose Group from McMurray Hatchery and while the birds were delivered with a gosling identification list, some of the birds were hard to identify since they look the same.

(I edited this after taking another look at the geese this morning)

This is mostly for my own reference, but here's what I have:
4 African geese. I haven't been able to identify males from females yet.
1 goose that is colored like an African but has an orange bill. Perhaps it is a cross of some sort, but I am still looking around the internet for answers.
2 White Chinese. I am pretty sure I have a goose and a gander because of their size and features. The gander, especially, is curious and a tad aggressive, particularly to my toddler. He might be Christmas dinner if he doesn't behave.
1 Sebastopol. I knew this must be some fancy breed because of the feathers. I always call it "she" because "she" is pretty but I don't know the gender of this goose. It seems a little dumber than the others because it doesn't always follow the group and then can't figure out how to get out of the hoop house.
1 White Embden. I think I had two of these and the other is the one that became fox food. No idea on this one's gender either.
1 Tufted Roman. This one had a little tuft of feathers even as a day-old gosling.

Keeping the geese is kind of a lot of work. I have to water them twice a day and move the hoop house every day. Since I am afraid of feeding the foxes again, I don't let them wander around the yard for extended periods of time, so they are eating a lot of feed and it is kind of pricey. This winter we plan to rig up some electric fencing out in the pasture with the cattle. A couple weeks ago we had the hay cut and baled and we're almost done irrigating for the season, so it is almost cattle time here again.