Thrifting score!

I've sent the 4th child to preschool. And while in theory, I thought I'd have all this time to run errands without her, the truth is, the 5th child really needs a nap during preschool hours. But her birthday is tomorrow, so today I ran errands (buying presents! and a pinata!) while she was at school and I already know that sacrificing the toddler's nap was a mistake. But I digress...

She loves the grocery store, but hates the thrift store. I go to the grocery store while she is home with me, and I try to hit the few thrift stores in my area when I am out without her. Today I found some treasures in a store that I don't manage to stop at very often.

thrifting score

From left to right:
A wide-mouth jar attachment for my Food Saver. I've always meant to get one of these but it's never made the top of my list. They are about $10 new. This one was $1, in like-new condition, and was all bagged up and labeled as to what it was (I might not have recognized it right off) by the nice lady who donated it. There were some Food Saver canisters there as well, but I left them there since they were like $4 each.

A cute squatty mason jar. I love unusual jars, and even though I know most aren't worth any money, I like to collect them when I can. I can tell this jar is older by the thickness of the glass at the shoulder of the jar, and its shape. I think it is a pint jar but I will probably put jam in it, or keep it in the cabinet for leftovers. It was 50 cents, which is twice as much as I would typically pay for a thrifted mason jar, but its uniqueness won me over.

A Bingo game like we had when I was a kid. My mom says it came from Current. It has a nice spinner with a metal pointer and little red circles for markers. It is in perfect condition and has probably been in some old lady's toy cabinet since her children grew up. We plan to play it at the birthday party tomorrow night. It was 75 cents.

A Tupperware funnel. You used to not be able to buy these at all, you had to go to a Tupperware party to get one. Now they are all over the internet, and on ebay, etc. I paid 50 cents for this Araucana-egg-blue/green funnel. Love this color. Love it. Seriously. So much that i painted a bathroom with it. And I am glad for this year's spring chicken egg color variety because I am seeing the color palette for the rest of the house.

Total with tax: 2.92