Adapting the chore chart for a school schedule

At the beginning of the summer I made a magnetic chore chart and I am pleased to report that we stuck to this program all summer long. Two of my children started school about three weeks ago and the oldest started today. But, just because they start school doesn't mean that all of a sudden, I have to do all the chores again.

I am reducing the number of chores required of the children when it comes to simple housekeeping. I am still requiring them to feed the animals and the magnet labeled "collect eggs" is finally coming in useful. I finally got the three oldest started in piano lessons so a "practice piano" magnet has been added to each of their sections, too. I made a "homework" magnet to cover my bases and to get a school-year-reduced-time-computer turn they still have to complete all their jobs.

I have high hopes of training them to load the dishwasher (I admit to being picky about how it is done) but we are taking baby steps here.

This magnetic chore chart should be in use for a long while around here.