Gooses, geeses!

goslings @ 3 weeks old

Look how big these goslings are getting! They came to live here three weeks ago today. Here is a picture that might help you get some perspective. Look how small they were! But they were three times the size of a baby chick!

kids and goslings

They have outgrown two boxes and the small feeder and waterer. They can completely cover the ground in the hoop house with their droppings in one day. They also eat all the weeds and any excess length off the grass. They are different from the chicks in a few ways. They haven't gotten feathers as fast as the chicks do. They love eating weeds and have since the first minute we took them out of the box. The chickens have to be taught that grass is food. The geese love me and say hello to me when I come out, and the chickens still freak out a little when I walk past the coop. I can herd the geese around like a Mother Goose. It's kind of comical.