an old wive's tale that actually works!

About a month ago I got sick. I think it was the flu, because it started with fever and chills and had a cough that lasted for 2 weeks. Then I coughed sporadically for another 2 weeks. Then I caught a cold so I am currently coughing again. (Let's not mention the stomach bug that came in the middle there as well--I am ready to be healthy again!) I had heard that rubbing Vicks Vapor rub on your feet at and putting on a pair of socks makes coughs go away at night. This is the sort of advice that I hear when I am healthy and forget when I am sick. I actually remembered it this time, and I am happy to report that it works! It worked for me, for two of the kids, and also for the 18-month old whose feet were rubbed with the baby version of vapor rub. I don't know why it works, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to try it. And I'm glad it did!