I forgot to add a link to my Spring Vacation set on flickr so you can see all the pictures that I didn't include in yesterday's post.

Also, I neglected to elaborate on just how bumpy our flight into Salt Lake City was. Bumpy enough, that after the flight attendant announced that it was going to be a bumpy descent, and that we should return to our seats and fasten our seatbelts, the captain himself got on the loudspeaker and said something to the effect of "Folks, it's going to be pretty bumpy as we descend into Salt Lake City. Actually, it's going to be really bumpy, so just sit tight." We grinned for the sake of the children and pretended like it was a roller coaster instead. I also forgot to mention that as we boarded the plane, the first class flight attendant was hanging coats for first class passengers, and, therefore, blocking the aisle. We had to wait for a minute, and the captain invited the children to come into the cockpit and take a look. The 4 year-old even told him her name when he asked (totally unlike her!). I didn't get my camera out in time but that was very nice of the captain to do in this post-9/11 world we live in today.