This morning I was on the couch with the baby while everyone else was still sleeping and I heard the chickens go ballistic. I looked out the window and there was a FOX pacing back and forth in front of the coop. I amazingly thought to run and grab the camera. The first few shots are washed out because I was taking flash photos through a window and the next few are blurry because I am not that great at taking photos in dim light, plus I was trying to not scare the fox away, I wasn't wearing my glasses, and the battery in the camera was about dead so the recovery time between shots was really long. I put them up at flickr but here's the best one. It's kind of like the Sasquatch photos you see...the pictures are blurry and you're not quite sure what you can see, and maybe it's really just a dog, but I assure you, that was a fox with a nice fluffy tail.

watching me