2009/04/01 Franks and corn the easy way

I am pretty sure my mom invented Franks and Corn when we were little. It is a favorite around here too because it is full of things that kids like. Basically, it's cooked diced potatoes, sliced hot dogs, and corn all seasoned with chili powder. I find it cumbersome to make it in a skillet, though, because it takes too long to cook the potatoes through and you have to keep stirring. So I have started roasting everything in the oven.

I dice up potatoes and toss them with a little oil and roast them until they are par-cooked at 425 degrees. Then I add the sliced hot dogs and chili powder and cook until they plump, then add the corn and let it cook a few more minutes. It takes a longer time overall to use the oven but the hands-on time is much less. You can change the proportions depending on what you have on hand, but I generally use a pound of hot dogs, probably 2 pounds of potatoes, a can of corn (drained, or some frozen corn), and a tbsp or more of chili powder. We eat it with ketchup.

This meal works great with the pantry principle--I almost always have these ingredients on hand.