2009/01/21 A meal even a hausfrau would be proud of

Frugaldad spent two years living in Eastern Germany as a missionary. The people had just spent decades living under communism and many were atheists. The membership in the church was small so most nights the missionaries fed themselves, and they were lucky to be invited to Sunday dinners. He came home grateful that he had served in the land of meat and potatoes, as opposed to the land of fish and rice. He used to do the cooking whenever we ate food like this, but after twelve years I can finally make a meal even a German hausfrau would be proud of.

I had taken a pork sirloin roast out of the freezer (I never did tell you about my steal-of-a-deal on pork roasts, they were 1.48/lb and then I found some packages marked down because their sell-by date was the next day, so my cost ended up less than a dollar a pound) and I intended to slice it up and make stir-fry. But then I saw the head of red cabbage in the fridge and had a hankering for Rotkohl, which is sweet-and-sour red cabbage.

We enjoyed pork roast, peas, Rotkohl and Saltzkartoffel (salted boiled potatoes) with gravy. It was delicious and quite fancy for a Wednesday night.