2008/08/14 Roast beef sandwiches au jus*

Since the dishwasher's death two weeks ago, I find myself having second thoughts when it comes to cooking and baking, because I know that I will be handwashing everything that gets used in the process (I know, I should get my kids to do dishes, but when the three older ones are in school, it's not like I am going to wait around for them to come home before the dishes get done.) To keep the kitchen in tip-top shape, I've been washing three times a day. Having all the dinner prep dishes washed before dinner comes in really handy after dinner, when the get-ready-for-bed rush hits. I'm often drop-dead-exhausted and want to ignore the dishes, but waiting till the next morning is not such a great idea. Having fewer dishes to wash makes the evening clean-up manageable.

To make a long story short, it takes a little planning to have the dinner-prep dishes washed before we eat. I used to make a menu but lately I find that I don't need as much advance notice, and I think that having a menu can increase your food spending because you'll end up buying not-on-sale ingredients. So I find that thinking about dinner either the night before or the morning of is sufficient.

Today I started thinking about dinner before lunch. I had a beef roast in the freezer that I put into the crock pot with some dry onion, beef bouillon, and water. Then I made some rolls. And then I washed the dishes.

On the side we'll have this morning's harvest of green beans and the rest of the cantaloupe that I ate for lunch.

* One of my pet peeves is when people use foreign phrases incorrectly. The term "au jus" is French for "with juice" so when I see "Roast Beef Sandwiches served with au jus sauce" it totally bugs me. If you're going to use foreign words, use them properly. If you don't know what it means, don't use it. Yes, this is the cranky pregnant lady in me talking.