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2008/01/13 Venison tenderloin medallions, boiled potatoes, rotkohl

A traditional German Sunday meal

2008/01/12 Dinner: Anniversary Pasta

A great dish with pasta, sausage, peppers, and a tangy sauce!

2008/01/14 Chicken curry with potatoes

Chicken curry with potatoes over brown rice, sauteed kale, fresh pineapple

Are you my neighbor?

Chemo hat for the next door neighbor

Back in December, I learned through the neighborhood grapevine that the 21 year-old son of our next-door neighbors had been diagnosed with cancer. Once I had that knowledge, I started noticing that I wasn't seeing the regular things that I usually saw in the winter. The acres of leaves hadn't been raked yet. The house was often dark in the evenings. The car that was usually in the driveway was often gone. I wasn't seeing my neighbor using the lawn tractor to transport wood from the woodpile at the back of the property to the house.  read more »

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