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Eat local, literally

Last summer in our irrigation ditch we saw what we thought was an asparagus gone to seed, so we resolved to remember to look in the spring. A couple of weeks ago we were outside getting ready for our first irrigation turn of the season and I remembered the aparagus. Sure enough, there was one lone, tall stalk. We cut it and I put it into a glass of water on the counter. The kids were unimpressed, mostly because none of them like asparagus. It was only this year that I finally developed a taste for it. It was a really long stalk, about 14 inches!  read more »


A month or so ago I was baking something and the canister of sugar in my cupboard was empty. I went to the bucket in the pantry to refill it and that was empty, too. I went in the basement to the cupboard under the stairs to get another bucket and found that I only had 50 lbs of sugar left. We're big believers in self-sufficiency, and having a year's supply of basic foods is a part of that. A year's supply of sugar for a family of our size is 420 lbs, so I was a bit short. I spent a few days price-checking and discovered that my favorite grocery store had sugar for half the price of the cannery and for significantly less that Costco or any other grocery store.  read more »

Train lover


The truth is, I'm scared of the rooster. He's mean and aggressive and I rarely let him out of the chicken coop. I've had to whack him with my long stick to protect myself from his sharp spurs and beak. But he's pretty as all get out, right?

rooster and hens

There are animals I'm afraid of and some that I'm not.

Roosters, yes.
Ganders, no.
Skunks, yes. I do not open the doors when the skunks are about.  read more »

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

This egg might as well be made of gold, considering the amount of money I continue to spend on the geese. Eight months and one day old, and we finally have our first goose egg.

goose egg

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