2008/01/16 Frozen chicken patties, homemade mac and cheese, peas

Hey, we can't all cook completely from scratch every night

2008/01/15 Taco Tuesday

Homemade flour tortillas with all the fixings

2008/01/14 Chicken curry with potatoes

Chicken curry with potatoes over brown rice, sauteed kale, fresh pineapple

2008/01/13 Venison tenderloin medallions, boiled potatoes, rotkohl

A traditional German Sunday meal

2008/01/12 Dinner: Anniversary Pasta

A great dish with pasta, sausage, peppers, and a tangy sauce!

2008/01/08 Really easy creamy chicken in a tangy sauce

This meal was brought to my family after the baby was born, and all but one of the kids devoured it, so I asked how it was made. I am going to change it today since I feel like it will be unaffected by my change and make it cheaper and more pantry-friendly. Serve over rice, I prefer brown but everyone else likes white. So we'll have brown ;-).  read more »